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Feel the love as you dine at Solo per Due in Vacone

Jean Pierre Contasti

The rural landscapes of Rieti, a province in central Italy, are home to a location that’s as unique as it’s exclusive. Certainly, to dine in Solo per Due, self-catalogued as “the world’s smallest restaurant”, is to enjoy privacy. Above all, as its name clearly states in Italian, it’s a place just for two, aimed at pleasing every whim in the most luxurious manner. Moreover, to visit this iconic place in the small town of Vacone is to let love triumph as you thrive with your significant other in a one-of-a-kind experience.

Panoramic view of the rural and green landscapes of the Province of Rieti
Rieti, a charming province in Lazio (Italy), and the location of Solo per Due, an exclusive restaurant in Vacone | Photo by Guillaume Baviere

Start by reaching the village, either coming from Rome or elsewhere in Italy, and be amazed by the setting. Indeed, you’ll find Solo per Due next to ruins dating from the Roman period, and supposed to have been the villa of the famed poet Horace. After a quiet stroll around the neat gardens, rich in palm trees and busts, head to a fresh section where you’ll enjoy a refreshment. However, your journey’s weariness will fade as soon as you’re handed a book on which many lovers’ tales are written, in moods as varied as their feelings.

Candlelit table, with floral arrangements in the background
Romance and magic provide the setting for an exclusive dinner for two | Photo by Solo per Due

Subsequently, go inside and sit on the restaurant’s sole table, as candles are lit and the surroundings become magical. Let a silver bell chime and be served hearty and delicious dishes under recipes from local cuisine. So, as you sip on incredible Italian wines, behold as the ambience turns into a romantic setting, worthy of the best love stories. Finally, as your dinner ends, enjoy a firework display before heading back to where you came from.

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