Food Tour in the Abastos Market

Mexico - Oaxaca


We will have breakfast with DOÑA VALE, the lady of NETFLIX - STREET FOOD LATIN AMERICA We will walk through the chaman section to see the herbs and plants they use to their spells, then we will buy some bread to eat it with our hot chocolate. We will stop at the section of dry peppers to take some photos of the variety. We will start eating barbacoa tacos to whet our apetite, after this we will walk to doña vale place to drink cafe de olla or hot chocolate, memelas and more! Afterbwe will go to discover the other dishes, drinks, fruits, crafts and colors of the largest and most local market in the city. Dont take breakfast so you can eat an infinity of dishes here at the market. We will have a gastronomic safari and we will delve into the life of the locals who come to buy their products here at this market. You can try the pumpkin flower empanadas, tejate, pulque, mezcal, meats, tamales, memelas, yellow empanadas, barbecue tacos and many more foods! We will also take a tour between the fruit and vegetable area where you can take photos of colors and figures. This is the market that you need to know if you want to see originally an Oaxacan market, women walking with baskets on their heads, paths full of people looking for their products for the daily meal, a place to understand our gastronomy and the charisma of the vendors All the food is inlcuded. we dont take time to shop cause it will make the experience very long, but if you want we can do a private one to buy anything you need :D


Admission ticket for 1 person

Included in tickets

All the food and not alcoholic drinks included


Comfy shoes, No Jewerly, pants, shorts and jeans are ok.


Wednesday, thursday and friday

From: 9 am




Oaxaca de Juarez, jardín Sócrates


2.5 hours


English, spanish


This experience is not accesible

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Find a QR code in the ticket sent to your email address


From: $80.00