Served in an elliptical bowl, a potato dish with assorted flavors

Enjoy homemade dishes at Kartoffelkiste in Cottbus

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

In the old town of Cottbus, you can find the Spremberger Straße, a shopping-centered road. Certainly, it’s the best way to reach a restaurant that, decorated in rustic style, aims to provide the best flavors in this corner of Germany. Moreover, to stop by Kartoffelkiste is to enjoy traditional recipes with a very particular touch, unique in all of Brandenburg. So, don’t miss this spot when in Cottbus, the state’s second-largest city.

Pedestrians are seen walking on a commercial-sided street
Spremberger Straße, a pedestrian-only commercial street in Cottbus | Photo by Johannes Kazah

First, enter the restaurant and be placed in one of its 65 seats, from any of which you’ll have a clear view of the bar counter. As you let yourself relax on your chair, which has been upholstered in true rustic fashion, check out their menu and feel your mouth go watery. Also, if visiting during the summer months, you can ask to be placed at the cozy and comfortable terrace area, separated from the pedestrian sidewalk by tasteful greenery.

Male and female employees of the restaurant, showing some of its products
Enjoy a warm attention while tasting delicious recipes | Photo by Kartoffelkiste Cottbus

So, be surprised by a menu that features many hearty dishes as prepared using potatoes as a main ingredient. From soups to main courses on which the talents and traditions of German cuisine, mixed with Sorbian and Wendish flavors, your Kartoffelkiste experience is to be a very tasty one. To sum up, be curious enough as to share an exclusive voucher to the restaurant, packed in a hand-sewn potato sack with a small bottle of potato schnapps.

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Rustic and warm, you’re up!

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