the bioluminescence effect is seen near a spring

Witness this marvelous natural phenomenon in Puerto Rico

Parguera Eco Tours & Bio Bay Tour
Dayana Bejarano
Dayana Bejarano

Bioluminescent bays are a natural event that occurs when living organisms within the sea water create a bright light. It is a great spectacle of nature, did you know that Puerto Rico has three bioluminescent bays? There are very few of these in the world and Puerto Rico is fortunate enough to have three major bioluminescent bays.

the waves move and the bioluminescence phenomenon is seen
The water comes alive with millions of glowing plankton | Photo by Aileen Devlin

Parguera Eco Tours And BioBay offers you a boat trip to Parguera’s Bioluminescent Bay, where you get a little talk about what makes the bay glow. Afterwards you will have  the chance to jump in the water and  swim in the Bio Bay that is a indescriptible experience. The group departs at sunset to see the magical natural effect in the night.  an adventure you should not miss while in Puerto Rico.

The water comes alive with millions of glowing planktons
Join a bioluminescent bay and be a spectator of this marvel | Photo by Aileen Devlin

Discover how this unique  ecosystem maintains a perfect balance of life, and how you can help protect such a special place. Watch how every move of your body while swimming  leaves behind a glowing swirl of blue light and fish light up your path like shooting stars in the water. for more information check the website of  Parguera Eco Tours And BioBay live the experience and share it with #Tripsst!

Get excited with the powerful nature, you’re up!

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