Grass-covered pyramid in the middle of a calm lake

Walk along greenery at the Branitz Park in Cottbus

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

Cottbus, a city located in the German state of Brandenburg, is home to a place where, as a curiosity, man’s genius is expressed in the shape of a garden. Certainly, by reaching Branitz Park, among the best-known landmarks in this university city, you’ll be amazed by a landscaped area which features a nobleman’s former retirement home. So, as you walk, be impressed by grounds on which green is the dominant color.

View of greenery around a small pond
Green landscapes are the main sight around this Cottbus park | Photo by Clemensfranz

Arrive at the park’s location just southeast of the city center, and start your visit by learning about the man behind its creation, Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau. Indeed, this German noble, eccentric as no other, set himself to create a modern Garden of Eden at a barren location. Therefore, move inside the 620 hectares that form the park, and notice the increase in intensity of the details as you get closer to its highlight, Schloss Branitz. Moreover, take a look at a couple of grass-covered pyramids, one of which is placed at the center of a lake and serves as the Prince’s burial site.

 Light-colored Baroque palace, with a statue in front of its entrance
The main feature of the park is the Baroque Schloss Branitz | Photo by Presse03

Afterwards, once you’ve entered the palace, let your eyes feast on the spectacular details of its rooms, all restored in Baroque style. However, while roaming through it, be amazed by the lavish style on which the rooms, library, and drawing rooms, have been decorated. Incredibly enough, to visit the meal-specific areas means to find nightly style and purple and golden tones at the Dining and Breakfast Room, respectively.

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