Red helicopter seen hovering over a deep canyon river

Visit the Grand Canyon aboard a helicopter from Las Vegas

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

One of the world’s Seven Wonders, the Grand Canyon, is a multi-million-year-old natural formation in the American state of Arizona. Certainly, the erosive process undertaken by the ever-flowing Colorado River has given birth to this iconic destination, one of the symbols of the United States. Moreover, you can experience, in a luxurious fashion, a unique opportunity of flying over it and even landing on its bottom. In other words, embark on a fascinating helicopter tour that’ll take you to this gem of nature.

A red chopper flies over the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona
Explore the Grand Canyon in a unique aerial way | Photo by Papillon

First, reach the hangar of Papillon Tours in the McCarran International Airport of Las Vegas. Once there, and after a safety briefing and having donned your gear, board a red-colored chopper that’ll immediately pierce through the skies. See the Vegas skyline being left behind as on this Grand Celebration Tour you’ll soar above the breathtaking Hoover Dam, a true marvel of engineering. Afterwards, continue towards Lake Mead, and follow the serpentine course of the Colorado River until reaching the Grand Canyon’s western rim.

Helicopter lands in the bottom of a rocky canyon
Reach the depths of the Grand Canyon aboard a chopper | Photo by Papillon

Later on, listen to soothing music and your guide telling you Native American stories about the land, as you catch a glimpse of famous lookouts in this section of the canyon. Subsequently, descend on an exclusive landing site in a quiet riverside plateau, almost 1,000 meters below the rim. There, you can indulge in a champagne-sipping picnic before walking around and getting to meet the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Finally, board the helicopter and return to Las Vegas, as you marvel again at this rocky landmark.

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Fly over the Canyon, you’re up!

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