Sweet waffles with fruit

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Try the best sweet and savory waffles in Puerto Rico

Waffle-Era Tea Room, Restaurant
Dayana Bejarano

If you are a simple food eater and at the same time you love sweet and salty things, these waffles in Puerto Rico will make you want to try all that this tearoom located in San Juan where you can delight yourself with the traditional Puerto Rican “cafe colao” slow brewed filtered method.

Waffle-era Tea Room is the island’s first and only gourmet waffle establishment in Puerto Rico, the menu that they offer consists of belgio-boricuan style deep dish savory and sweet waffles using an original secret recipe and baked when ordered. They also have more than 30 organic gourmet whole leaf teas and herbs, to drink, hot or cold. Creators have dubbed the concept “Foodie-schoolhouse” where visitors experiment flavors over a common denominator: the waffle.

They give you an elegant yet laid-back atmosphere and a friendly staff that welcomes visitors with the best attention, that’s why you need to check the website of Waffle-era Tea Room and experiment flavors that you just can find there. Live the experience and share it with #Tripsst!

Eat the best waffles in Puerto Rico, You’re up!

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