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Trek on an adventure through traditional Northern Thailand

Jean Pierre Contasti

Thailand is a country that, over its territory, keeps an immense variety of landscapes and other features. Moreover, its northern region, rich in hills and valleys with cool climate, is a fascinating place you can’t miss when on this Southeast Asian kingdom. In other words, you can live an amazing adventure while roaming through nature, as you embark on a 2-day journey filled with incredible Thai culture.

View of rice paddies (fields), with terraced layout, in Thailand
Rice fields seen close to Chiang Mai | Photo by Echiner1

So, begin your trip as you leave Chiang Mai, the region’s largest city, and reach a drop-off point where you’ll get aboard a bicycle. Then, you’ll pedal around quiet villages, farms, rice paddies and waterways, as you follow small roads. Later on, after having lunch next to a harvested field, head towards the river and start bamboo rafting. Finally, you’ll end the day with a nice Thai feast after having enjoyed the sight and feel of cascading waters.

People dressed in blue are seen bathing a group of elephants in a river
Bathing elephants, an incredible experience in Northern Thailand | Photo by Thaimissions2006

Afterwards, greet the rising sun from your bungalow before going to meet the elephants. Surely, besides walking right next to these mighty creatures, you’ll get the chance of feeding and bathing them on the river. Subsequently, visit a traditional Karen village and stop by the local school, as you head on to learn about seasonal farming methods. To sum up, trek to the nearby jungle and cool off before returning to Chiang Mai.

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