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Taste Italian cuisine as you look at Moscow from Buono

Jean Pierre Contasti

Located on a river bend in central Moscow, a Stalinist skyscraper is home to a place where you can indulge in culinary delights. Certainly, inside the premises of the Radisson Collection Hotel, one of the Muscovite Seven Sisters, find a luxurious restaurant from which you can take a look into the Russian capital. In other words, Buono, specialized in Italian cuisine, is as good as its name. Therefore, rest assured to enjoy the finest preparations, in a setting you’ll only find in the vibrant and modern metropolis that’s Moscow.

Nighttime view of the Hotel Ukraina from the Moskva River
The Hotel Ukraina skyscraper is one of Moscow’s landmarks and home to Buono | Photo by Meihe Chen

First, reach the 30th floor of the building, formerly known as the Hotel Ukraina, and be greeted by an opulent main hall. Indeed, gilded decorations and tasteful décor are the setting on which, after being seated, a menu rich in amazing flavors will be offered to you. Start with any of their wide array of appetizers, from oysters to fish entrées. Then, you can order any of their tasty salads and soups, prepared with the freshest ingredients in Russia.

Dining area of Buono under dim nocturnal lighting
Enjoy fine Italian dining while gazing at the Muscovite skyline | Photo by Buono

Afterwards, before heading to the main course, be delighted by the flavors of their pastas and risottos. Subsequently, select your favorite dish, be it either seafood, poultry, or meat-based, and let your taste buds bash in true Italian flavors. Later, be sweetened by one of their many desserts, as you finish your meal. Above all, enjoy the chic and refined environment of Buono while glancing at the Moscow skyline from its windowed terrace.

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