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Take part in cultural rebirth at Nau Bostik in Barcelona

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

La Sagrera, a neighborhood in northeast Barcelona, is home to an institution that aims to culturally revitalize this area of the Catalan capital. Indeed, formed as a reference spot, La Nau Bostik is a center where different participants of the artistic and leisure process can feel free to express themselves. Above all, a visit to this unique location is an opportunity to experience the rebirth of culture in an urban setting, as it constantly works to keep up with the ever-changing modern life.

View of the buildings in La Sagrera, one of Barcelona’s neighborhoods
La Sagrera, the neighborhood on which Nau Bostik is located | Photo by Jordi Roca

First, arrive at its location, resembling an abandoned warehouse next to the Pont del Treball Digne, and be welcomed by murals depicting colorful graffiti. Then, as you walk inside, be amazed by a restored space that serves as a true shrine to 21st century culture. Moreover, inside the center’s area, you can find a market on which vintage-style clothes, cool and upbeat, can be found for very low prices.

A smiling woman gives a conference from a podium with a microphone.
Besides artistry and culture, other events such as conferences take place at Nau Bostik | Photo by Òmnium Cultural

However, the main highlight is an exhibition called Symbiosis, a photograph collection by an artist called Dr. Case. On it, behold the way on which urban artists interact with the audience, through art itself. Besides it, critics have called it a time portrait, an essay into art history under the view of a street artist. To sum up, stroll around a unique location, where Barcelona shows her best galas as a cultural mecca of Europe.

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