Take a walking tour of Bern

Alejandra Sequeira

Bern, capital of Switzerland and UNESCO World Heritage Site. A city full of culture and architectonic beauty, the government palace, the clock tower and the Einstein House Museum are mandatory stops in any visit to this city.

Two people, a woman and a man turning their backs, with winter coats, one in pink and the other in blue, carrying black backpacks
A well-deserved walk | Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

For you who love to know the most intimate details of the places you visit, we introduce you to an enriching experience like you have never had before, a walking tour of the world famous Switzerland’s capital.

Two hours of a private tour escorted by fully trained bilingual guides, where you will be able to appreciate the key points of the city of Bern such as Spitalgasse Street and Barenplatz and the symbolic Bern Bear Park among many others.

Street with tram lines in the middle, with few people around. Surrounded by tall buildings on the sides and a clock tower in the background
Let yourself be guided | Photo by Ismael Lima on Unsplash

Discover the secrets and legends of the city while walking through its small streets, meet the oldest working clock tower in the world and the Swiss Parliament House.

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