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Take a delicious pause from worries in Puerto Rico

La Parada, Restaurant
Francisco Coronel

Sometimes, we just need to catch a break: to put a stop to whatever we’re doing and recharge our energies relaxing, or just having a good time. Better it that stop is accompanied by excellent food and drinks, right?

That perfect stop for you is at La Parada in Puerto Rico, an innovative concept that provides a quiet environment with typical prints of the islanders culture, while you enjoy delicious tapas and unique dishes in this wonderful restaurant & bar.

A characteristic from the foods and drinks of La Parada is that they are 100% fresh and natural, so you can make sure you’re tasting something of the upmost quality. If we’re stopping for a little bit, then let’s make it count. Isn’t that right?

If your mouth is watering right now, get all the info you need going to their Facebook page and arrange your visit. Don’t forget to share your experiences with #Tripsst!

Stop and relish! You’re up!

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