Take a break from the world at the Hotel Costa Verde

Jean Pierre Contasti

Unspoiled, secluded, and beautiful. Above all else, these are the three best ways to describe the Manuel Antonio National Park, the most visited in Costa Rica. Furthermore, it is the setting for a place where you can enjoy adventure, romance, relaxation and even ecotourism. In other words, a stay at Hotel Costa Verde, a one-of-a-kind destination, is guaranteed to make you feel in the heart of paradise.

Balcony view from a hotel room
Gaze at a tropical paradise in Costa Rica, colored in green and blue | Photo by Costa Verde

First, being sandwiched between the rainforest and the Pacific Ocean, this Costa Rican hotel seems like a movie set. Above all else, the dominant colors that will fill your sights are hues of green and blue not seen anywhere else. As you enjoy the luxurious space in every single of their 70 rooms, be certain to gaze out to the park’s tropical coastline. Certainly, the sounds of exotic birds and mammals will be an unforgettable background to your adventure, whether it is a couple’s retreat, or a family trip.

Red-colored Boeing 727 over green foliage
Sleep within a Boeing 727 over the jungle canopy | Photo by Costa Verde

Surely, not a single day in Costa Verde can be considered dull, as its privileged location makes it a perfect starting point. Moreover, the crown jewel is a unique suite that occupies the fuselage of a Boeing 727. Whether you’re resting, or planning your next activity, its position over the jungle allows you to feel as if you were flying.

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Sojourn in green deluxe, you’re up!

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