An eFoil next to the water

Surf with total control at the Seakindly Foil School

Francisco Coronel
Francisco Coronel

Surfing is an experience like no other: there’s a feeling of freedom and inner peace when you achieve, after much practice and hard work, how to dominate your balance and mount all the waves the ocean throws at you. Still, it would be nice if we could be in control not only of ourselves but of our whole surroundings, wouldn’t it?

Man surfing the waves on an eFoil
Surfing… In the air!? | Photo by Seakindly Foil School

With the people of Seakindly Foil School at San Juan, Puerto Rico, master the art of operating an eFoil: an electric board which has the power to move and to let you surf without any need of the waves or the wind to make it possible.

While living this experience, learn all the steps and techniques that’ll let you handle the eFoil and reach the ultimate stage: make the eFoil fly and take you a few inches above the water! It sounds almost impossible, but you’ll learn how to do it and become the best of the bests.

A group of eFoils waiting to be used
The eFoil: a marvelous friend and an interesting technology | Photo by Seakindly Foil School

Want to book your lesson right now? Go to the link down below and don’t forget to share your experiences with #Tripsst!

Ride the sea! You’re up!

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