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Stretch out in comfort at the Hotel Rossini in Imperia

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

Imperia, the capital of the eponymous province in Liguria, is an Italian city whose charms attract several visitors every year. Surely, its unique layout in two different centers, one historic and another more modern, add to the beauty of its seaside location. At the latter, called Oneglia, and close to Piazza Dante, its focal point, you’ll find an informal site where you can stretch out in sheer comfort. Above all, to stay at the Hotel Rossini al Teatro is to relax and enjoy an incredible visit to Imperia.

Panoramic view of Imperia’s oldest section, Porto Maurizio
Imperia features two historical districts, old Porto Maurizio (in the picture) and more modern Oneglia | Photo by Friedrich Böhringer

First, be led into your chosen accommodation after you’ve checked in, and smile as you behold their various amenities. From a courtyard-looking Classic room, to the Superior room overlooking Piazza Rossini, or even one of the suites, Rossini al Teatro is a hotel that won’t disappoint you. Certainly, elegance and good taste is exemplified in any of them, as they’re floored in parquet wood, with marble bathrooms, both top-quality. After a nice night’s sleep, don’t hesitate to stop by the breakfast room, and start your day with the energy boost provided by tasty Ligurian cuisine.

Lounge area overlooks an urban area through glass windows
Take a look at Imperia from the hotel’s many rooms | Photo by Hotel Rossini al Teatro

Moreover, you can relax by reading at the scenic tower, from which you’ll be able to gaze at the beautiful city, even looking at Porto Maurizio in the distance. Also, climb to the roof terrace and enjoy a drink as you rest while looking at the Alps, or explore Imperia on a bike you can hire for free at the lobby. Later on, if further relaxation is needed, and your muscles feel sore, head to the spa and be spoiled through incredible wellness options.

What are you waiting for? Book your stay at this amazing hotel, casual like no other in Imperia, and let us know about it, here on #Tripsst!

Unwind in casual style, you’re up!

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