Starting the glide

Soar high like an eagle at this incredible Hang Gliding Experience

Francisco Coronel
Francisco Coronel

There isn’t a single human being which hasn’t dreamed of flying like a bird.

It’s pretty natural, really: the thought of being able to fly by ourselves conveys strong feelings of freedom, power and tranquility. If we could fly, we could go anywhere we wanted to, with no restraints and not having to worry about anything that could be happening in our lives at the moment.

Hand gliding in action
Can there really be a more amazing experience than this? I think not! | Photo by @hangglidingpr

Through the Hang Gliding Experience Puerto Rico at Cubuy in the Island of Enchantment, stop dreaming about flying and make it real while you do an incredible hang gliding trip over the slopes of El Yunque.

At every moment you’ll be accompanied by a professional who will be the one guiding the wings which will make you dive into the sky, while you admire the beautiful views and, for a small time, forget that there are other things aside of that majestic feeling.

Hand Gliding equipment next to the beach
A wise bird, waiting for its moment to go into action | Photo by @hangglidingpr

Going to the provider’s Facebook Page you’ll find their e-mail, where you can write to them and arrange your flying day.

Don’t forget to share your experiences with #Tripsst!

Fly like a bird! You’re up!

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