Condado Palm Inn, Hotel

Soak up some sun at this little paradise in Puerto Rico!

Francisco Coronel

Are you feeling right now that a trip to the beach would be the best thing for you to clear your mind and renew your life and energies like never before? If you weren’t feeling it just a minute ago, you surely are now, don’t you?

With rooms like these, who would want to leave them? | Photo by Condado Palm Inn

Then, enjoy a time of delights and relaxation at the Condado Palm Inn, in Puerto Rico! A modern hotel right next to the beach where you’ll have the opportunity to experience in the flesh what it means to live the Caribbean life.

Relax by the outdoor pool, stroll the beach, savor Latin American cuisine at Ropa Vieja Grill, follow the delicious aromas to the Chocobar Cortés and take advantage of distinctive meeting spaces if you’re on a business trip. All of these majestic experiences in just one place. Isn’t it a wonder?

If you want, grab a bike and go for a ride along the coast line! | Photo by @CondadoPalmInn

Want to try everything out for yourself? It’s easy: just book your stay on their website right now, go have some fun and share your experiences with #Tripsst!

Live the best Caribbean vacations!  You’re Up!

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