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Roam through the forests of Australia’s Blue Mountains

Jean Pierre Contasti

The Australian state of New South Wales keeps, bordering the outskirts of Greater Sydney, a natural treasure in the form of a mountainous region. Surely, a visit to the Blue Mountains, named after a blue haze, caused by abundant eucalyptus trees, will allow you to experience some of the best landscapes that Oz can offer. Moreover, a hike through its ancient forests, rich in ferns and wildlife, is definitely a thing to do in order to enjoy this unique spot, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000.

Sandstone formation hit by early morning’s sunlight.
The Blue Mountains, a natural landmark close to Sydney, New South Wales | Photo by Vmenkov

In other words, after departing from your meeting point in Medlow Bath, be driven until reaching the town of Katoomba. Subsequently, be guided into the Kedumba Valley, where you’ll start hiking on a lush and green rainforest, as you require a medium-to-high effort. Above all, be mesmerized by the variety of flora and fauna you’ll meet as you descend further into the valley, and be able to photograph them all, capturing these lovely natural moments.

Water runs, in a cascade, down a slope of rock
Waterfalls created by the Kedumba River, in the Blue Mountains | Photo by JKB

Afterwards, continue towards the Dardanelles Pass below a formation locally known as the Three Sisters, as you walk next to waterfalls that’ll spray a cool mist over you. Then, as midday approaches, stop at a forest section called Leura, where you’ll be set into a gourmet picnic lunch with tea, all while listening to the quiet sounds coming from the high and old trees. End your hike with an impressive view over the majestic mountains.

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