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Retreat to do yoga and more in the Viennese countryside

Ma. Alejandra Roa
Ma. Alejandra Roa

Detoxifying the soul and body is necessary to release all inner evils. However, sometimes we think that to connect and release we have to go very far. 

This can become close thanks to Nau. A conscious art space where you can reset your energies and live to the fullest of your inner self. It is located on the Schillewasser and has a big Mongolian yurt, a large meadow, a sauna, a small bathing area, a bar, an outdoor kitchen, and more… Furthermore, there are is a large walnut tree that provides plenty of shade to do a yoga class and lets the hammocks swing.

People doing yoga in nature
People doing yoga in Austria Nature | Photo by Nau

The yoga classes are for everybody, multiples levels are open. Some people bring their family members to have a family experience.

People eating bio food in Nau
People eating bio food in Nau | Photo by Nau

On the other hand, Nau offers a bio and organic meals. Organic foods are beneficial to your health and well-being. To check all details about the space, classes, or events, do not hesitate to click the red button below. 

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Free yourself, You’re up! 

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