Relive the 80’s at this bar in the sky

Francisco Coronel

There’s something about the 80’s that always knows how to attract us: maybe it’s the music, the outfits, the people of that era lifestyle…

When we think about those years, we get transported immediately to a place with pretty cool people, partying together and emitting just nice vibes, living the moment and enjoying life.

Get ready to feel that 80’s vibe! | Photo by Ulrike Rauch

At Novapark Flugzeughotel 80’s Bar & Restaurant, you can wear that wig you’ve been hiding in your closet and party long on this stylish and one of a kind aircraft.

Yes, you heard it right! Delight in the records on the table, the retro mirrors on the walls and the great view offered by the Graz Schloßberg while being on a 50-meter-long Russian passenger plane. You have at your disposition numerous seating options and a spacious bar where you can order any drink you like.

Grab a few drinks because the party has just begun! | Photo by

You can reserve your table at this air-bar in the red button right below. You’ll be done in no time!

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Turn up the volume of your soul! You’re up!

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