Thick-crust pizza with visible tomatoes and basil leaves

Relish Italian dishes at the seaside Cinquecento Sanremo

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

Sanremo, a jewel in the Ligurian coast, is a destination where the best of the Italian Riviera can be enjoyed. However, when in this seaside city, not everything turns around swimming in the ever-blue Mediterranean waters. Good dining, and specially the opportunity to relish in authentic Italian flavors, is waiting for you at a seaside restaurant. In other words, don’t miss the chance of tasting delicious preparations at Cinquecento Sanremo.

Seating area overlooks at the sea through glass windows
Inside view of the restaurant, towards the Mediterranean coast | Photo by Cinquecento Sanremo

First, head towards the Corso Trento e Trieste, an iconic boulevard. Over there, and separated from the sandy beach by this road, find a building in white, whose roofs are styled with large numbers reading “500”. Then, step inside and marvel at the modern design of the eating areas, without losing the ambience of a familiar diner from the past. Certainly, only the freshest ingredients are for you to taste while at Cinquecento, where besides pizza, seafood is another protagonist of its seasonal and varied menu.

Pizza served on a table, with the beach in the background
Pizza and sea, a perfect combination of taste and sight | Photo by Cinquecento Sanremo

Start with antipasto, prepared with a tasteful mix of marine products and recipes from the Mezzogiorno, the southern half of Italy. Subsequently, enjoy a first dish with fresh fish served next to local ingredients, before reaching a main course with plenty of different options. Moreover, you can choose from any of their pizzas, with special and classic sets of toppings, all of them a true festival of zest. Later on, after a tiny sample of veggies and fruit, let sweetness embrace you as you finish with any of their desserts and gelati.

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Pizza by the sea, you’re up! 

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