The perfection of nature and the blue sea

Reinvigorate yourself at the relaxing experience of Villa Mariposa

Francisco Coronel
Francisco Coronel

Living and repeating the same routine, day by day, can become a truly tiring experience. Sometimes, when we’re feeling bored of this, what we most want is to just get a change of airs!

Villa Mariposa sitting inside a forest and next to the beach
Doesn’t Villa Mariposa look like a fantastic retreat? | Photo by Villa Mariposa

For that reason, the folks at Villa Mariposa in Guanica, Puerto Rico, give us the opportunity to spend some time away from the ruckus of the daily life in a beautiful villa siting in the middle of Guanica’s Dry Forest, making its environment unique and peaceful.

 Here, you’ll connect with nature, share an amazing time with your loved ones and even have the chance to do many different dynamics like diving, surfing and other water sports activities.

Some Villa Mariposa residents doing exercises
Practice all kind of exercises here, and don’t forget to relax! | Photo by Villa Mariposa

Going to the link down below you can contact the providers or directly go to their Airbnb post so you make a book right now and start living this experience, starting today!

Don’t forget to share your experiences with #Tripsst!

Take that well deserved rest! You’re up!

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