A view from the retreat of the entirety of the lake

Recharge your batteries as you loosen up in Caonillas Lake View

Francisco Coronel
Francisco Coronel

Nice and cold weather, amazing views and the biggest tranquility in the whole world: going to the beach is super fun, but there’s something about experiencing a mountain retreat that can’t be compared to anything else, when we think about it…

Woman treating herself to an incredible bath with amazing views at the retreat
The pleasure of nature, of a good wine, of a perfect bath… it’s all art, really | Photo by @Caonillaslakeview

At Caonillas Lake View in Utuado, Puerto Rico, connect with nature in a way you have never done before, resting with comfort in the top of a mountain as you have the most fantastic view right outside your window: the entirety of Caonillas Lake in all its splendor.

In this experience you won’t only have the peace and beauty you were searching for, but you’ll also count with pools, jacuzzis, delicious food and water sports services, there being many more options, so you won’t forget your time here!

Rowing in Caonillas Lake
Explore the lake with all your might! | Photo by @Caonillaslakeview

Going to the link down below you can contact the providers so you arrange the break from work you have always desired!

Don’t forget to share your experiences with #Tripsst!

Rest at the mountaintop! You’re up! 

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