Reach new heights with your own hands at Puerto Rico

Island Climber, Sport
Francisco Coronel
Francisco Coronel

Hello there, adventure hunters! Are you looking for an experience where you can test your might and abilities, train your body and have a blast of a time doing some extreme sports and physical activities?

You’ll always have the gear so you can do these practices safely! | Photo by Island Climber

If that’s the case, try yourself at Island Climber, an experience in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, where you’ll learn the sport of climbing and hiking, not only discovering how to do it but to view the world from a brand new, different perspective.

And how will you learn this in such a short time, you may ask? That’s simple: you’ll follow the lessons of your instructor, Carlos Salinas, which has more than 5 years of expertise and genuinely believes this sport to be a way of living and interacting with the world.

Wow, that seems hard! But I bet you can do it | Photo by Island Climber

Do you want to know why’s that? Book your classes now on their website down below, make sure to find out and don’t forget to share your experiences with #Tripsst!

Climb up to the sky! You’re up!

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