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Rappel down into deep caves in Nadi, Fiji

Jean Pierre Contasti

Surrounded by miles of open ocean, Fiji is a tropical paradise as no other. Certainly, its more than 300 islands, of volcanic origin, dot the Pacific Ocean as a rocky necklace. Above all, a visit to Viti Levu, the largest and most populated of them, is guaranteed to provide you with an incredible experience. So, as you reach the vicinity of Nadi, on its western coast, be able to rappel down steep cliffs, and explore caves that go deep into the Earth.

An Asian man, wearing protective gear, zips down the line.
Have fun while flying over the lush canopy | Photo by Zipline

First, arrive to the town of Tau and head towards forested foothills, where you’ll be greeted by a smiling guide, showing the best of Fijian charm. Then, don your protective gear and be quickly lectured about safety procedures, before reaching the first of 16 zip lines, the longest of which reaches 235 meters. Surely, you’ll take a glimpse at the verdant vegetation while flying through the canopy. Subsequently, reach a cliffside and begin your descent in abseil, as only Fiji can allow you to.

A couple zip through the lines over a rocky valley.
Zip lining, possible through the forests in Viti Levu, Fiji | Photo by EcoFun

Later on, reach the highlight of your experience as you embark on a guided tour of the Tau Caves, where you’ll abseil down a height of 40 meters. Indeed, let the sound of plummeting waters surround you while marveling at this natural wonder of Melanesia. To sum up, enjoy a delicious meal as nature offers you an incredible show, before you return to Nadi.

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