Become a chocolate artist by creating chocolate bars to your liking

Spain - Mijas

You will start by learning how to design, mold and decorate three delicious chocolate bars (Deco Bars). In addition to the chocolate (organic and ethically sourced), there are more than FIFTY different ingredients to choose from to decorate the bars. Moving on to chocolates, next you will learn how to shell, fill, coat and decorate these delicate little creations. Coating is the technique of creating a chocolate shell thin enough for the chocolate to break easily, but thick enough to allow for a wonderful contrast between the chocolate and the filling. You will learn how to marbleize and paint the chocolate shells with both chocolate and natural colors (oxides). As for the fillings, we have a very wide selection. If you wish, you can put a different center in each bonbon. Once filled, you will seal them with chocolate and you can even decorate the base, for example, with a piece of pistachio or candied fruit. Once they are set, you will learn how to carefully unmold and decorate your chocolates.
Experience valid for 1 person.
Included in tickets

Includes all the ingredients to take home:
3 x Deco Bars.
3 x Soft Filled Bonbons.
3 x Chocolate dipped fruits.
3 x Chocolate truffles.
3 x Triple chocolate figures.
1 x Hot chocolate stick.


To have a desire to eat a lot of chocolate and to learn.


Monday to Saturday

From: 10:30 am to 07:30 pm.


Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

15 Plaza Virgen de la Peña. Mijas Pueblo.
1 Hour.
English and Spanish.
How do I get my Ticket?
Find a QR code in the ticket sent to your email address.

From: 43.00