Jungle day pass in front of the Bacalar Lagoon

Mexico - Bacalar


DAY pass in B7 blue is located in the heart of the wonderful Bacalar Lagoon, a refuge that embraces nature and offers an unforgettable escape. Enjoy an atmosphere of relaxation, an opportunity to unwind and recharge. The panoramic views inspire you to leave your worries behind and embrace the beauty that surrounds you. Every moment at B7 Blue is an opportunity to disconnect from routine and renew your energy.


Admission ticket for 1 person

Included in tickets

Private views in front of the lagoon, wifi, restaurant and personalized service.

Option for guided tours of the lagoon or rent a kayak.


Light and beach clothes, insect repellent, and physical measures to protect yourself from the sun. It is suggested to bring your own vehicle for transportation. Please bring your own food and beverages if you wish.


Monday to sunday

From: 10 am to 6 pm


No additional requirements


Boulevard Aarón Merino Fernández, No. 201, Bacalar


8 Hours


English, Spanish


This experience is not accesible

How do I get my Ticket?

Find a QR code in the ticket sent to your email address


From: $10.00