Boost your sales, create more leads and conversions, and increase your Brand’s recognition, all while enjoying a media platform of highly-engaged influencers who are experts on the creation of brand messaging that drives engagement, with over 3 million users all over the world.


What does it include?

Giveaway on the Tripsst!™ local account
Giveaway on the talent account
A continuous relationship with your followers
An organic video giving away your experience
2 Call to action of your choice
Local campaign of the Giveaway


After the purchase?

  1. Send us an email with the details.
  2. Get your response, where we’ll schedule a visit with you and await for approval.
  3. The day has come: our influencers will make the visit to your experience
  4. We’ll use that visit to create the content and will work on it after it has been produced.
  5. Once the product is finished, we’ll send it to you for approval.
  6. We’re ready! Time to distribute your package through all our channels.
  7. Connect with your followers and see your experience rising in fame!