Media Ads

What are Media Ads

In these times, people don’t want their privacy to be violated by intrusive ads that don’t know how to respect the space of consumers.
For that reason, our Media Ads sale native, responsive display advertising which isn’t intrusive and enables ads to blend in perfectly with the content of the page. That´s how we manage to generate value without disrupting the user’s experience.

How do they work?

Native ads can be presented in different formats throughout our more than 50 social media sites and platforms.
Those ads appear under “Recommended Reading”, “Related Stories” or “Promoted Stories”. All of these sections visually match the content your audience is viewing. Once they click on them, they’ll be directed to your brand’s website. This will generate more clicks, views, engagement and income.

What is in for your brand when buying Media Ads?

Native Media Ads will increase, 3.6 times, your brand searches compared with regular display ads. They also make your Media view-through rate grow of 3.9 times.
Numbers don’t lie, and we don’t either: our Media Ads are the go-to solution if you want your advertisement to reach your target audiences in the quantities you’re wishing for.

Do you want to launch your brand to places you never imagined before?

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