Live wild love at the astonishing Valldal in Norway

Jean Pierre Contasti

Valldal is a valley located in western Norway. Above all, its surrounding high peaks and forests, along with its location next to one of the largest fjords in the country is perfect for a romantic escape. Undoubtedly, this natural wonder of Scandinavia will allow you and your significant other to enjoy a rugged land where water and stone define gentle music. In other words, be one with your partner, and let the might of the mountains bear witness to love.

Low-rise buildings on a valley next to a body of water
Valldal is one of Norway’s most beautiful and romantic locations | Photo by Classicnowayhotels

What to do?

  • Look out for trolls and let love defeat these creatures of legend.
  • Enter the Sylte Church while grabbing each other’s hands.
  • Take photographs against the awe-inspiring landscapes of Gudbrandsjuvet.
  • Enjoy nature at its best while canyoning in pairs.
  • Drift above water on a kayak for two.
  • Climb on top of trees and posts, and kiss while at Valldal Aktivitetspark.
  • Get warm together while watching the land from a cozy room.
Canoe over a quiet body of water
Impressive fjords and natural beauties set the tone for love at Valldal | Photo by Dconvertini
Where to stay?

Don’t hesitate about making a reservation at Juvet Landscape Hotel, an architectural delight located in a remote part of Valldal. Moreover, you can rest on a double bed placed within a glass-walled cube. So, get ready to wake up next to your loved one, as your eyes mesmerize in the true beauty of the Norwegian wilderness.

Glass structure next to a pine forest
Award-winning architecture will be the setting for a romantic escape | Photo by Juvet Landscape Hotel

Love in the land of fjords, you’re up!


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