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Jean Pierre Contasti

Gently occupying the foothills of one of Costa Rica’s most impressive volcanoes, La Fortuna is home to several treasures. Surely, the green forests that surround this town in Alajuela Province are the spot where you can quench your thirst for adventure. Above all, your outdoor self will be more than satisfied as you embark, guided by Maquique Adventure, on a journey filled with adrenaline.

A person descends on a rope, next to a waterfall
Waterfall rappel, an unforgettable experience | Photo by Maquique Adventure Costa Rica

Start by reaching their facilities in a valley with amazing sights towards Volcán Arenal. Then, you will begin the unique experience of exploring tico natural wonders. First, you’ll climb down the rocky and moist walls of waterfalls. Afterwards, you can demonstrate your skills while moving through the stream, from one rappel to another. Certainly, yours will be a flow like that of the water.

A child climbs a waterfall with abseils
Canyoning is a fun activity for every single age group | Photo by Maquique Adventure Costa Rica

However, this isn’t everything. Besides being able to do canyoning, white waters are for you and your companions to enjoy. In other words, jump on a raft and go down the Balsa River, whose rapids will make your fun a very wet one. So, after you experience thrill on a journey that’ll take you 10 kilometers downstream, you’ll be able to swim a little. Finally, rest while enjoying the taste of delicious and tropical Costa Rican fruit.

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Rappel down a waterfall, you’re up!

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