White owl perched next to a wooden wall

Live a wildlife experience at the Heimattiergarten Fürstenwalde

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

In the town of Fürstenwalde, a Brandenburg location about 60 kilometers east of Berlin, nature mingles with mankind in a space where the entire family can enjoy. Sure enough, as you visit the Heimattiergarten Fürstenwalde, a zoological park that’s open all year-round, be able to witness incredible animal species. Also, in a nod to uniqueness, while at this animal kingdom you can, by reaching the petting zone, touch gently and feel many of the furry or feathery residents of this German site.

A mink rests hidden inside dry grass
The European mink (Mustela lutreola), a mammal native to Germany | Photo by EfAston

Start by going through a stone-framed entrance, from atop of which an eagle with wings wide open invites you into the zoo. Once inside, start walking through paths that’ll take you close to the enclosures occupied by varied species. Certainly, from wild boars to red foxes, passing next to other species such as Imperial eagles, elks, and minks, be amazed by a wide array of fauna, mostly European-native. Moreover, act surprised as you hear the noises of funny animals such as prairie dogs, deer, swans, peacocks and lynxes.

A red ibis and a gray peacock are perched on tree branches
Varied bird species can be found at the park | Photo by Malia Pan

Afterwards, reach a curious area dedicated to specimens of European bison, on which you’ll admire these furry giants as they roam over grass. Later on, arrive at the petting zoo and let children play with gentle animals as they feed and give attention to them. To sum up, enjoy the close contact with wildlife in this lovely spot of Fürstenwalde, set to the green vegetation of the lush Spree Valley.

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