A modern exhibition

Learn of contemporary art value at the renowned Mumok Museum

Francisco Coronel
Francisco Coronel

When we think about art history or important artistic movements throughout the centuries, it usually comes to mind the likes of The Italian Renaissance or The Baroque. Our minds tend to wander to the older eras, sometimes forgetting that in our more modern times there have been forms of expression which are as relevant or even more as those mentioned before.

Mumok facade
Here’s an adventure just waiting for you! | Photo by @mumok

The Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation Vienna, or Mumok in short, focuses its attention precisely on the contemporary art of the 20th and 21st centuries. 

With its collections based on Pop Art and Photorealism, Fluxus and Nouveau Réalisme as well as Viennese Actionism, this museum located inside the MuseumsQuartier combines highlights of societal and reality-related art as well as performance art of the 20th century. Counting with works of Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, Pablo Picasso, and many more well-known artists, this is a place where the value of our modern creations comes to the spotlight with plenty of energy and strength. 

A Mumok exhibition
You’ll enjoy beautiful composition, both inside the works and outside of them | Photo by @mumok

Buy your tickets now at the website below and be sure to share your experiences with #Tripsst!

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