View of the interior of a chapel dedicated to Saint Agatha

Learn and explore the historical evolution of Barcelona

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

At the heart of Barcelona’s medieval center, a stone building facing an old square is home to an institution dedicated to the history of the city. Surely, since being established as a Roman town called Barcino, the Catalan capital has lived through the ages. Above all, you can explore this evolution through the exhibitions of the Museu d’Història de Barcelona (MUHBA), itself located inside an historical palace. So, when in the city, don’t miss this unique spot, where the past meets the present.

Old-looking ruins hosted at an underground exhibition
Roman ruins can be found under the main museum halls | Photo by JosepBC

Start by reaching the entrance of the Casa Padellàs, the Gothic building which houses the museum, and as you enter, learn about it being moved, stone by stone. Certainly, this process unveiled remains dating from Roman times, which eventually grew up to comprise a whole quarter of the ancient town. Also, while on this location, considered as the MUHBA’s headquarters, be able to take a look at the royal palace, dating from the Middle Ages, just in front of the Plaça del Rei.

Stone building from the Middle Ages in the city center of Barcelona
Casa Padellàs, location of the museum’s headquarters | Photo by Canaan

Afterwards, head towards a 14th century palatial hall, the Saló del Tinell, before reaching a small chapel dedicated to Saint Agatha. While in there, gaze in awe at an altarpiece dating from almost six centuries ago. Furthermore, be told inside four walls about the many changes the city has suffered through time, including the most visible of them, as was the building of the Eixample under the masterplan by Ildefons Cerdà.

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