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Jean Pierre Contasti

The city of Visby, the cultural hub of Gotland, is home to the island’s own history shrine. Certainly, the premises of the Gotland Museum, held in a yellow-colored building on Strandgatan, contain treasures that showcase human intervention through the centuries. In other words, as you stroll around its rooms and halls, behold interesting artifacts from the past of this incredible corner of Sweden.

Archway leading into the museum, next to yellow-colored walls.
Entrance to the Fornsalen (Hall of Antiquities) of the Gotland Museum | Photo by W. Carter

First, arrive at the modern center on which about 450,000 items are stored. There, behold artifacts as varied as picture stones, furniture, art of secular and ecclesiastical origin, prehistoric tools, textiles, and part of the largest group of local natural specimens. So, while at the museum don’t hesitate to visit an area that, being called Fornsalen, Swedish for “Hall of Antiquities”, focuses on Gotlandic cultural history. Moreover, its rooms contain Stone Age sculptures, silver hoards from Viking times and even a full medieval armor dating from the Danish invasion of the island in 1361.

Samples from Gotlandic history include a wooden chest from the Middle Ages | Photo by Wolfgang Sauber

Subsequently, another section is dedicated to Gotland’s geological formation and its influence during history, as it is shown next to artifacts from the Bronze Age and even Marian art coming from several of its many small churches. To sum up, roam through pride as you witness the heritage of this Swedish island when visiting it.

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