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Laugh intensely with fun games inside Irrlandia in Storkow

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

Close to the town of Storkow, in the German state of Brandenburg, you can find an amusement park meant for the entire family. Certainly, to reach Irrlandia is to have fun while roaming through different sets of enchanted labyrinths. Moreover, as you follow the park’s premises of playing with jolly dwarves that inhabit the Spreewald, enter into a realm of adventure, where children get amused through exploration and discovery. So, don’t remain idle, and find your fun way out.

A castle-shaped attraction can be seen under a cloudless sky
Different mazes can be found at the park, one of them shaped like a castle | Photo by IRRLANDIA – der MitMachPark

Start by reaching a cornfield maze, and go all the way down winding alleys as you receive rubber-stamps. Afterwards, move along an elevated labyrinth that’ll take you up and down, in a style befitting Robin Hood and his gang of thieves. Then, you’ll explore an herb-full area before you arrive at an obstacle hedge maze, where everyone is expected to interact. Subsequently, enter a vine labyrinth and communicate with your fellow adventurers through a funnel-telephone system, along with funhouse mirrors and a walk-in kaleidoscope.

People are seen going through a wire attraction, while being strapped on
Altitude labyrinth, among the most interesting features of the park | Photo by IRRLANDIA – der MitMachPark

Later on, be guided towards a space where fun is achieved through several activities, such as stacking blocks, solving giant puzzles, and sliding on a tube. Further along, reach a zone named Rollandia, and hop on a plushie as you roll over a flat green field; you’ll even be able to crash against your fellow rollers. To sum up, enjoy Irrlandia, an experience that only Brandenburg can provide.

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