A rocky formation towers over rolling and green forested hills

Immerse in Mineiro culture at quiet Gonçalves

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

In the southwestern corner of Minas Gerais, and very close to the state border with São Paulo, lays a small town of tiled houses set against the Serra da Mantiqueira. Certainly, the municipality of Gonçalves, surrounded by forested mountains and valleys traversed by fast-flowing rivers, is a place where you’ll disconnect and become one with nature.

An open field framed by green mountains under a clear blue sky.
The rural area around Gonçalves as seen from the MG-173 | Photo by Themium

First, board your shuttle and begin your nighttime 458-kilometer-long journey from Belo Horizonte, reaching Gonçalves after 8 hours. Start with the check-in at your lodge and a cup of coffee before visiting a local oil-producing factory, a brewery, and a cheese-making business. Subsequently, you’ll dine at a pizzeria that blends gastronomy, art, and culture, as you try the best local flavors and wash them down with tasty wines.

Waters drop into cascading falls in a forested valley near Gonçalves
Cachoeira dos Henriques, one of the many waterfalls in the vicinity of Gonçalves | Photo by Jsfouche

Afterward, once rested in your inn, you’ll embark on a journey towards nearby waterfalls. Surely, both Sete Quedas and Cruzeiro are treasures that, as you bathe in cool waters, let you explore the natural side and history of charming Gonçalves. Later on, return to the town and once you’ve had lunch and taken plenty of photographs, embark back towards Beagá.

In conclusion, the journey for a weekend to a hilly paradise in southern Minas, and share your experience with us on #Tripsst!

Visit Gonçalves, you’re up! 

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