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Have a magical-relaxing time at Numero Uno Beach House

Numero Uno Beach House, Hotel
Francisco Coronel
Francisco Coronel

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Beach house air shot

Having a life on the beach in an endless summer: that’s a vision most of us can agree sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Having the opportunity to relax next to the beach, hearing the sounds of the waves, taking a swim every now and then and doing amazing activities in the water is a package that promises exciting adventures and wonderful times.

Relaxing and having fun at the beach
A clear sky, the grand blue sea, beautiful sand… what else can you ask? | Photo by @NumeroUnoBeachHouse · Hotel

That’s the vision the guys at Numero Uno Beach House in San Juan, Puerto Rico, had when they decided to make into a reality their unique dream of a kite surfing beach club fused with a boutique hotel, resulting in something you won’t encounter anywhere else.

This a deluxe experience where you’ll have the opportunity to live the kiting vacation you always desired, along with over-the-top amazing meals, delicious drinks and the best vibes in the whole world. It’s without a doubt a place you’ll wish to stay forever!

Activities you can do while living the experience
The cycle of life… or that’s not it? | Photo by @NumeroUnoBeachHouse · Hotel

Book your stay right now clicking on the link right below and share your experience with #Tripsst!

Enjoy in Paradise! You’re up!

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