La Barra Salada floating in the middle of a calm sea

Give a treat to your palates at La Barra Salada

Francisco Coronel
Francisco Coronel

A beautiful beach plus good food and drinks: surely this is a combination of ideas that enthralls the majority of us and makes us water our mouths, isn’t it?

People having fun at La Barra Salada in Puerto Rico
It’s all fun and smiles when you enjoy this experience | Photo by @labarrasaladapr

At La Barra Salada in La Parguera, Puerto Rico, you can fuse these realities in the most literal and exciting way possible: navigate through the island in a floating bar and give a treat to your palates with the amazing foods and drinks this experience offers you, all of this while you listen to good music and relax in the tranquility of these calming waters and bathe under the light of the Sun.

A clear sky, crystal blue waters and La Barra Salada in the middle of it all
Fun and the beauty of nature in just one place. You have to go now! | Photo by @labarrasaladapr

Want to live this experience right now? Go to the provider’s page at the link down below and call them or send them an email and arrange your date right now! Remember to share your experiences with #Tripsst!

Live the good life at La Barra Salada! You’re up! 

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