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Get to know the miniature world of L’Iber in Valencia

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

Valencia, located on the eastern Mediterranean coast of Spain, is the country’s third-largest city. Besides being the capital of the Valencian Community, it houses a unique and peculiar museum, with contents as historical as the building it occupies. Certainly, a visit to L’Iber is for you to immerse in a place that acts as the world’s largest miniature historical figures museum. Incredibly enough, be sure to explore its large collection, nowadays accounting to more than 95,000 pieces, in several exhibition rooms.

View of the courtyard and staircase of a Gothic palace in Valencia
Palace of Malferit, home of the museum in Valencia | Photo by L’Iber – Museo de los Soldaditos de Plomo

First of all, arrive at the museum’s premises in a Gothic palace, the former residence of the Marquess of Malferit. There, once you enter through restored doors, be led into a succession of halls where history can be witnessed through scale models. Surely, thorough research has led to the establishment of scenes on which tin soldiers and small figures show you life as it was during the represented period. Moreover, you’ll admire the incredible way in which they’ve become integrated with the architecture of the palace itself.

Scene depicting a normal life in Qing China, as two men sit down for tea
Behold historical scenes such as this one depicting Beijing (China) in 1897 | Photo by L’Iber – Museo de los Soldaditos de Plomo

So, prepare to live a voyage through time, as you’re taken from the Prehistoric age to, most recently, the Iraq War of the 2000s. You’ll enjoy montages depicting the classic world (Egypt, Greece, and Rome), as well as an insight into the Middle Ages. Afterwards, you can gaze at Spanish history through different periods, focusing on the last four to five centuries. Later on, at the Tirant Lo Blanch room you’ll enjoy the sight of figures depicting characters from pop culture, as well as everyday life and 20th-century icons.

Let us know, here on #Tripsst!, about your experience with miniature figures in Valencia.

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