Sand-colored rattlesnake coiled in a posture that indicates an offensive attitude.

Get indoors and look at curious animals in Helsingborg

Tropikariet zoo - Exhibitions
Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

Skåne, the southernmost county in Sweden, is home to a unique place where you’ll get in contact with fauna not commonly found in Scandinavia. Surely, at Tropikariet, an indoor center located in Helsingborg, be able to find specimens from the most varied locations around the world. Moreover, feel the warmth of the tropics as diverse reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals greet you with their lively noises.

Adult and young tamarin monkey, with the elder eating an insect.
Lion tamarin (Leontopithecus spp) from Brazil, with younglings | Photo by Tropikariet I Helsingborg AB

First, reach their facilities off Hävertgatan and, as you walk through the door, start your tour around African landscapes. There, look at impressive specimens of Gabonese puff and imperial scorpion, before moving towards South America and its toxic yellow poison ivy frog. Subsequently, greet the world’s smallest monkey and then journey to Madagascar, admiring its famous lemurs.

A green tri-horned chameleon looks at the camera as it moves on a branch.
Specimen of Jackson’s chameleon (Trioceros jacksonii) from East Africa | Photo by Tropikariet I Helsingborg AB

Afterwards, enter an exhibition that focuses on curious and freaky animals, such as bald rats, snake neck turtles and Jackson’s chameleons. Later on, stroll by a reef aquarium and marvel at different shark species, all swimming close to clownfish. Certainly, a highlight comes next in the form of pet ponds, where you’ll gently feel aquatic animals such as the doctor fish, commonly used in beauty salons for hands and feet. To sum up, behold the magic of a rainforest night, featuring nocturnal species.

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