Get away to a modern monastery in Lower Austria

Jean Pierre Contasti
Drive through the A2 and, close to the Lower Austrian border with Styria, exit when you see the road sign into Zöbern. Surely, this quiet town, an hour drive south from Vienna, is the perfect setting for a getaway, serving as a spot where spirituality reigns without any preset rules or other religious denominations. In other words, you’ll be at peace with your mind, body, and soul without restrictions on your freedom.
A room featuring a lighted bookshelf, couches and lamps
Dim-lighted space with books and chairs, for quiet reading
Furthermore, as green hills roll over the eastern edge of the Alps, enter a tranquil realm of flowery plants and meadows, whereas you meditate and introspect, other activities are held dear. Certainly, the absence of dogmatic teachings will allow you to fully live a spiritual experience where, by sharing in the countryside, you can bolster your humanity and creativity. A small pond in the middle of a hill, under grey skies

Pond in a calm environment, close to the main facilities at Kloster NaturSinnen

Moreover, you can enjoy the feeling of being inside a 1930s traditional Austrian house, before getting outside and even starting a serene walk inside a forest rich in deciduous trees and fruits such as berries and mushrooms. To sum up, be secluded from the stress of modern life and dwell within yourself to find inner peace. Share this mindful experience with us on #Tripsst! as you return from a spiritual get-to-know retreat. Breathe and meditate, you’re up!  
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