Find solace in the private villas of La Macadamia, Monteverde

Jean Pierre Contasti

In Costa Rica, hues of green and blue are everywhere. Surely, the country’s huge wild riches make it a top destination for ecotourism. Above all, Monteverde, nestled in the Tilarán mountain range, is the gate to a kingdom of clouds and misty forests. So, what would be a better option than staying surrounded by nature, all while enjoying state-of-the-art commodities?

Emerald green bridge and a dense forest
Monteverde, the gateway to Costa Rica’s green heart | Photo by Matthias Bethke

Certainly, this is what happens at Villas y Jardines La Macadamia, a private complex in the very heart of Santa Elena. In other words, to stay in any of their private and family-run villas is to live a fully modern experience within the marvelous Monteverde. Theirs are buildings in true Costa Rican style, around which you’ll find green fields, taken care of in a neatly manner.

Front view of a villa in Costa Rican style
Rest in comfort, as you enjoy the best of Monteverde | Photo by Villas y Jardines La Macadamia

Moreover, you can use your villa as the starting point for your adventure into the lush mountains of this tico region. Besides staying in, you can also find rest and solace by hiking, from your very own front door into one of the many trails that go deep into the cloud forest. Finally, enjoy the sunset with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, as you let your senses be indulged by one of the Seven Wonders of Costa Rica.

Be sure to let relaxation and nature surround you, in the moistly beautiful heart of Central America, and share this feeling with us, here on #Tripsst!

Rest in verdant calm, you’re up!

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