A couple in a motorized paragliding descending

Feel the adrenaline by powered paragliding in Malibu

Dayana Bejarano
Dayana Bejarano

One of the extreme activities in the world is paragliding, the sensation of falling from heights produces exciting adrenaline, and they satisfy us by releasing stress. If you want to experience these emotions, hook into the harness of this powered paraglider in the beautiful Malibu.  

a couple flying over the sea on a motorized paragliding
live the adrenaline safely I Photo by Malibu paragliding

Malibu paragliding has for you the perfect plan, for a tandem flight with the best instructors, The most amazing location in   Malibu that has the most scenic views plus sea life and Santa Monica Mountains, , the perfect safety  that you are going to experience because they are excellent teaching  paramotoring tandem and powered paragliding, you don’t need to have experience to enjoy it. they have people with over 30 years of paragliding experience with a perfect safety record, go and learn how to fly.

A person prepares to fly in paragliding
Make the best photos in the heights I Photo by Malibu paragliding

Let yourself be taught by the Paragliding  World championship participant, stuntman, that  has flown over 25,000 tandem flights and who still loves to fly. Do not think more, check the page of Malibu paragliding, live this experience, and share it with #Tripsst!

Descend from the heights safely, you’re up!

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