a group of men are kayaking in the river.

Explore the waters of San Juan by kayak at night

Night Kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboarding Tours, Sports, Eco Friendly
Dayana Bejarano
Dayana Bejarano

Kayaking is a very popular activity, since you can explore stretches of water while you exercise, to be able to do this activity you must be concentrated and have good lighting, but if I tell you that in Puerto Rico you can kayak at night while they are with your friends, would you dare to do it?

women with fluorescent accessories are kayaking
A shiny adventure to live together with friends | Photo by Night Kayak

Night Kayak / GLOW tour is an award winning excursion where you do kayak at night  where you “get your glow on” with glow paint and photos. Upon departure be amazed by the clear-bottom kayaks and glow of your kayak. Some clear water parts of the cove allow you to search for marine life below such as pre-historic tarpons and stingrays. Other parts, create a fun and spooky experience as you paddle along the shoreline an unforgettable tour.

One kayaks are on the shore parked, they are full of lights
Your instructor’s will give you a Kayak lesson before the tour | Photo by Night Kayak

Spend time at night in this fun and spooky experience as you paddle along the shoreline. Allow your A-Team of guides to take you on a nocturnal adventure you won’t soon forget, that’s why check the website of  Night Kayak live the experience and share it with #Tripsst!

Row into the night accompanied by the stars, you´re up!

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