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Explore the Peruvian Amazon from Iquitos

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

The Amazon Basin is one of Earth’s biodiverse hotspots, shared by several countries in South America. As a result, its sharing nations’ commitment to its preservation is of the utmost importance. In its Peruvian section, the city of Iquitos has consolidated itself as one of the largest urban areas, from which many expeditions and tours sail off in order to provide you, in a responsible and eco-friendly manner, the true enjoyment of our planet’s green lung.

An Amazonian river
Sailing down the Amazon River and watching the tropical sunset | Photo by Vlad Man /Pixabay

Maniti Eco-Lodge, located 70 kilometers downriver from Iquitos, offers a true odyssey along the riverbanks of the Peruvian Amazon River. Firstly, after a 2-hour-boat ride where you’ll see many of the animals and plants that live along the river, you’ll enjoy many activities such as visiting a monkey sanctuary, seeing pink freshwater dolphins, viewing aquatic plants, hiking, looking out from a deck and even learning about Native American tribes.

an amazonian river
Anywhere you go, there’s the contrast between calm waters and green jungle | Photo by Jesús Castro / Pixabay

If you’re a nature lover, don’t hesitate and go check their website, where they offer this and many more options, all of them in an eco-responsible setting. And when you’re there, share with us your experience at #Tripsst!

Enjoy and care about the jungle, you’re up!

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