Explore the Chinese cities of Beijing and Xi’an in true luxury

Jean Pierre Contasti

China, a giant Asian country, has always been a fascinating land. Incredibly enough, its vast cultural heritage goes back millennia in time. Moreover, the home of dragons and emperors from heaven, its centers of power have rotated among a few cities which still endure to this day. In other words, be sure to embark on a journey that’ll allow you to explore, in a very luxurious way, two of its ancient metropolises, Beijing and Xi’an.

Very large building in traditional Chinese architecture
Inside the Forbidden City in Beijing, find the iconic Hall of Supreme Harmony | Photo by Peter K. Burian

First, arrive in Beijing and be picked up from the airport by your enthusiast guide. While on your way to your accommodation, be pointed out the highlights and proud history of the city. Later on, you’ll visit Tiananmen Square and enter the Forbidden City, once the home of the Emperor and his court. Afterwards, head towards the Summer Palace and behold its grounds, used as a retreat for Chinese royals. Then, you’ll stop at the sports complex built for the 2008 Olympic Games, standing in sheer contrast with historic Beijing. The next day, an incredible treat awaits, as you’ll be taken to Mutianyu, a less-frequented section of the famed Great Wall of China.

Chinese fortifications seen next to a green area and canal
The City Wall of Xi’an, among the largest of its kind in China | Photo by Aaron Zhu

After a visit to the Temple of Heaven, take a high-speed train to Xi’an, and admire the rural landscapes on your way. While in this city, the capital of Shaanxi Province, you’ll be able to take a look at the life-sized Terracotta Army. Certainly, the sight of this true imperial battalion is an amuse-bouche compared to the City Wall, which you’ll explore on foot or bicycle. Further along, you’ll visit the Great Mosque and the city’s Muslim Quarter, before ending your journey in front of an iconic Buddhist pagoda.

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