Over a table, different plates are filled with Indian recipes.

Explore the best of Indian cuisine in Namastê

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

The bairro of Prado, just west of the boundary of Central Belo Horizonte, is home to a place on which you can be transported to the other side of the world in mere seconds. Surely, Beagá’s multiculturality reaches an all-high at Namastê, an Indian restaurant on which you can try the best of cuisine from the land of gurus.

Mutton stew served with naan at Namastê in Belo Horizonte.
Mutton stew, prepared according to Hindu culinary principles

Moreover, be sure to experience a true contact with India, as the kitchen team is entirely formed by professionals from the country, led by chef Ramachandra Kharel. First, reach the restaurant and, having parked, enter the premises where walls with tapestries in geometrical designs set the tone for a journey to the Indian subcontinent, both visually and gastronomically.

Subsequently, ask for the menu and start your meal with a samosa, a pastry filled with chicken and veggies, before ordering some naan bread, locally-baked. Then, comes the time for the main course, being reminded that according to Hinduism, beef should be avoided; you can choose from plenty of chicken (murg), lamb, shrimp (jhinga), and fish dishes.

To sum up, share a rice dish and soak it in spices, as you tell us about your experience with these tastes, here on foodie #Tripsst!

Ka aanand len, you’re up!

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