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Explore limestone caves in central Vietnam

Jean Pierre Contasti

The central region of Vietnam is home to incredible landscapes where limestone features give way to a winding network of caves and grottoes. Furthermore, the area, protected as the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, has also been included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Certainly, being the location of the world’s largest karst region with about 300 caves, a visit to this Vietnamese destination is an unforgettable experience to live when in Asia.

Two men row on a boat over a river, with a village in the misty background
Riverside landscapes against limestone mountains in central Vietnam | Photo by Preparetavalise

Above all, you’ll start your adventure by trekking, from the town of Dong Hoi, through jungles and rocky terrain until reaching a dark cave. There, after walking next to impressive features, move to Hang Vom, a cavern where you can kayak or swim on an underground river. Surely, the might and power of stalactites and stalagmites will surprise you as you dwell deep into this pristine and incredible corner of Indochina. Later on, hike to the campground, and sleep under the stars while listening to the sounds of the jungle.

A boat enters a limestone cave with an underground lake.
Underground waters at the Phong Nha cave in central Vietnam | Photo by Tycho Shansov

Afterwards, morning breaks with a visit to the Gieng Vooc cave, that despite its smaller size, boasts even more impressive rocky formations. Subsequently, follow your guide into a secret trail that’ll lead you to the Chay waterfalls. Be sure to plunge into the waters and be purified in a manner that only exotic and beautiful Vietnam can provide.

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Inside a deep cave, you’re up!

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