Close-up of the Moorish details in the Villa Nobel, Sanremo

Explore Alfred Nobel’s last retreat in Sanremo

Jean Pierre Contasti
Jean Pierre Contasti

The combination of mild climate and beautiful locations have made the Italian Riviera an ideal destination to retire. Certainly, Sanremo is no exception to this, as many notable and rich individuals have called it home in their later years. One of them, Alfred Nobel, owned a coastal residence, which you’ll be able to visit and explore. Moreover, as it was his final retreat, where he died in 1896, when on the Villa Nobel be certain to admire the legacy of this iconic Swede, along with that of the world-known eponymous prizes.

Four-storied mansion seen behind a couple of palm trees
The main building as seen from its gardens in Sanremo | Photo by Samuele

Start by reaching the villa’s premises on the Corso Cavallotti, and be greeted by an impressive building whose architectural features are a mix between styles. Then, as you pass next to an iron-clad fence, stroll for a while on the gardens, rich in Mediterranean greenery and even a curious cannon. Afterwards, enter the former residence and be shown around its several rooms, occupied by Nobel after leaving France in 1891. Surely, as it was his last dwelling, you’ll witness the vast number of objects thereby collected, including many on which he was experimenting during the final year of his existence.

Ballistite case as exhibited in a museum collection
Ballistite, one of Nobel’s inventions, contained on a case rocket shown at the Tekniska Museet in Stockholm | Photo by Daderot

Subsequently, head out to the Museo Nobeliano, located within a close-by building. Inside, you’ll take a look at many items, one of which is a copy of Nobel’s will, written in the villa, and on which he establishes his Foundation and Prize. Also, at the museum you’ll be shown pieces of his own scientific research, featuring his best-known invention: dynamite. Besides all of this, you can finish your experience while touring a gallery dedicated to Nobel laureates, focusing on those of Italian extraction.

Let us know, here on #Tripsst!, about your experience while at the cradle of the Nobel Prize.Step into Nobel’s villa, you’re up!

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